One of my all time passions is music production . . .

. . . that is, working closely with an audio engineer and musicians to make recordings.
My first production that went on the market, New England Christmastide, has gone on to sell nearly 400,000 copies. It was simply an idea that made good sense, which I proposed to North Star Records president Richard Waterman. He agreed to it, so I had no choice but to make it happen and deliver the goods. It was a low budget affair. Engineer Steve Rizzo and I worked well as a team, learning as we went along.
That success led to six other productions on the North Star label and six more independent projects. Most of them are available on the CD page of this website where you can find out more about the stories behind each production. Each experience taught me something more that I could use on the next project.
It is a thrilling challenge merging the musical, technical, creative, financial, visual and marketing aspects with basic common sense, ending up with something that you can hold in your hand and play through speakers.
I really enjoy producing, even though the time and energy spent has often demanded that my own music be temporarily set aside. But there is always far more gained from every procuction than what I had expected going into it. In this regard, I have been very fortunate. The talented people I have worked with have made it this way.
I am always interested in working with new artists and or new ideas.
The jury is still out on the great debate of "what makes a good producer". I am very opinionated in my thinking about this. (Don't get me started!) Besides having experience, the "golden rules" as I see it are these:
A producer . . .
  1. works for the artist, not the other way around.
  2. works with an engineer - always.
  3. starts work on a project long before entering the studio.
  4. always saves money for the artist (& record label, if applicable).
  5. always stays out of the way of the music making process.
  6. always cedes artistic control to the artist.
I will gladly work as a producer on any project that shows potential, and for anyone with talent who seeks me out. Please contact me.

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