These people are the best at what they do. Give 'em a call!!!


Phyllis Pascazio designed my website. She is very knowledgeable about all things web, is really easy to work with (responsive, professional, reliable, creative), and very reasonably priced. Get her before she's too busy!! She can be reached at (401) 827-0042, or by e-mail at Tell her I sent you!


The photos on this website of me playing live at the Bitter End were taken by Amy Eliot of ACE Photography. She is based in Manhattan and she travels as needed. She has a great eye and does live shots like no other. She can be reached at (212) 539-1823. Tell her I sent you!


Steve Rizzo is the best engineer I have ever worked with. It is pure pleasure to work with him. We have done over 7 CDs together. He is also a great musician which makes him even better as an engineer and producer. Steve is one of the nicest people I know, which makes recording with him a wonderful experience. He runs his recording studio, Stable Sound, out of Portsmouth, RI and can be reached at (401) 847-7129. Tell him I sent you!


Frances Middendorf paints portraits like no other artist I know. Her work is of the highest quality. Sitting for her while she captures your essence is a great experience because she is such an interesting person as well as a great painter. I know because I hate sitting for artists. She is also my wife and I love her artwork.


Paul Colby's Bitter End is my favorite club to play. It is in the heart of New York's Greenwich Village. Kenny Gorka books all kinds of music there. The staff is great with just the right amount of jaded New Yorkese to make any visit there a classic memory. Tell them I sent you!


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