Time for the Whippoorwill to Sing Time for the Whippoorwill to Sing
This is one of my favorites. The music was recorded in Brattleboro, Vermont. I was introduced to Jane Newton, her daughter Sally, and their extended family, who wanted to put these songs on tape and did not have any experience in the studio. I was invited to help them. Their sweet voices are joined by simple guitars, piano, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, and bass. They hand-picked all the tunes and it is the most charming collection of "good nights and goodbyes" I have yet to hear. The whole process was like being invited into their living room and watching it all happen. We got a lot of response from grateful mothers testifying to the "calming effect" of the music on their kids. There is an easy sing-along quality to most of it. Recommended for infants to 7 year olds.

Including: * The Illy-Alley-O * Bye 'm Bye * Hush Little Baby (Mockingbird) * Now the Day is Over * Sleep Baby, Sleep * Douglas Mountain * Pretty Little Horses * Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star * Did You Go to the Barney? * At the Gate of Heaven * All Through the Night * Goodnight Irene * The Riddle * The Bear Went Over the Mountain * Great Big Horse * Mary Had a Baby * The Mailboat * The Good Things Outweight the Bad * Dillon Bay * Isle A Haut * Blue Ridge Mountains * Brandy Tree * The Whippoorwill Song
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