The Wind In The Rigging The Wind In The Rigging
The tunes on this CD all have their origins in something to do with the sea. Some are ballads, some chanties, some stories, some hymns. Here they are celebrated for their melodies and performed as instrumentals. Some are haunting in their beauty (for example, Shendoah). You will be suprised at how familier most of these are, which makes for a good listening experience. This CD is also the most consistent seller of all my productions from year to year. Bob Webb the author and historian (who also performs on this) has written a description/explanation of the tunes which will soon be available for download by clicking on the "story behind this CD," below.

Including: * Blow Ye Winds * Away Rio * Heave Away Me Johnny's * Maid of Amsterdam (A Rovin') * Shenandoah * Staten Island Hornpipe * Bostom Harbor * Black-Eyed Susan * Blow the Man Down * Steamboat * Bold Riley * Sailor's Hymn (Ethernal Father) * Strike the Bell * Bound for South Australia/New York Girls * Rollin' Down to Old Maui * I'm Bound Away/Lord Franklin * Off to Sea Once More * Ripples of Music * Leaving of Liverpool * Spanish Ladies/Admiral Benbow * Baltimore Clipper * The Water is Wide/Mingulay/Skye Boat Song * Under the Bridge
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