Big Lost Rainbow Big Lost Rainbow
This record was my entré into the wonderful world of musical audio recording (1973), and a document of my first "professional" band, Big Lost. There is a great mixture of tunes here, all of which we performed regularly at our live shows. The instruments you will hear on this are flute, cello, guitars (acoustic and electric), piano, sax, bass and pedal steel guitar. Big Lost included five of my good friends from high school. We all sing on the record. Everyone in the band agreed that my song "Sail" should be the lead-off tune on Side One which was a great thrill for me. We produced and pressed a limited number of these — if you have one of the originals it is highly sought after by collectors and in good condition will fetch a few hundred bucks! A few years ago we were approached by the Florida-based independent label, Gear Fab Records about releasing a CD reissue, and there are two more recent bonus cuts on the new CD as a result. Then, an Italian independent label specializing in vinyl releases put it out as a reissue LP. It is definitely a glimpse back in time. There is a great psychedelic jam on Lady of Music.

Including: * Sail * I Go Alone * Lady Love * Brothers of the Future * Ocean * Oh! Idaho * It's Over Now * Morning Sunshine * Lady of Music * Slow Rider * Patricia Jane Moon * Allegiance of Apathy
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