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I am very excited about this new CD. The music turned out great! For the first time in many years, I am back to the small, intimate ensemble work - similiar to New England Christmastide. It was pure joy to work in partnership with Irish Whistle player Phil Edmonds, a New England legend, and the other talented musicians. The soft low tones of Phil's whistles set the tone for this recording. These are some of my most precious original melodies - many of them I had hoarded for years, waiting for this opportunity, and others were recently composed during my stay in Italy. The music has a wonderful mixture of Celtic, European and American influences.
          -Otis Read


Including: * Along The Stonewalls * Via Umbria * Zorn * Never, If I Had My Way * Under The Arch * Through The Cracks * Dropping Of The Rose * Climate Change * Procession Home * Maria's Lullaby * Maura's Journey
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"A year ago, Otis dropped off a cassette of his tunes with the chord structure and some basic melodies. As I worked on the melodies I was captivated by the tunes and realized he had written beautiful heartfelt ones. We recorded the CD, most of it live, at Sandy Parsons & Steve Copel's home in Attelboro, Massachusetts. Steve's touch in the studio was magical."
          -Phil Edmonds

As a native of Killaloe, Co. Clare, Ireland, Phil learned to play the tin whistle in a place where he says, "The backyard was the fields." When he was 14 years old, Phil, along with his family, emigrated to America and settled in South Providence, where he still lives.
Phil presently plays whistles and button accordion in several Rhode Island ensembles including: The Lucky Band, The Katz' Meow, Killaloe, and The Providence Wholebellies.
He also performs with Triple-Decker which is a narrative by Marc Levitt accompanied by musicians from six different countries. Phil is listed as a traditional folk artist with the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. To children he is known as "The Leprechaun".

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